A More Perfect Union: An Introduction to American Government and Politics


A More Perfect Union is a college level introductory audiobook for American Government, Political Science, and American History courses. Materials cover the history and philosophy of government and their influence on the Founding Fathers. It traces the development of the American Republican Democratic system of government from colonial times to today, and explains the components of the federal government. Topics include the founding, federalism, civil liberties and civil rights, Congress, the Presidency, federal bureaucracy, the judiciary, public opinion and political socialization, political parties, elections and voting, campaigns, the media and the press, interest groups, social policy, economic policy, and foreign and defense policy. Study question and answer guide, and several appendices are also included in order to reinforce the material and acquaint the student with primary sources.


Chapter 1: The Foundation of American Government

Chapter 2: A New Nation Forges a Radical New Government

Chapter 3: Federalism

Chapter 4: Civil Liberties

Chapter 5: Civil Rights

Chapter 6: Congress

Chapter 7: The Presidency

Chapter 8: Federal Bureaucracy

Chapter 9: The Judiciary

Chapter 10: Public Opinion and Political Socialization

Chapter 11: Political Parties

Chapter 12: Elections and Voting

Chapter 13: Campaigns

Chapter 14: The Media and the Press

Chapter 15: Interest Groups

Chapter 16: Public Policy

Chapter 17: Economic Policy

Chapter 18: Foreign Policy and Defense