Line-in Learning provides a suite of learning aids to post-secondary students designed to teach, engage and enhance learning with tools that are modern, convenient, and relevant to today’s tech savvy students. Our eBooks are easy to download and instructor-centric – every instructor has the opportunity to tailor fit our base text by shuffling the order of teaching modules and adding his or her own text to reflect their unique teaching style and to impart their own expertise gleaned from years of lectures.

Our audiobooks reinforce the text and address the needs of aural learners. The audiobooks can be purchased from Amazon,, and iTunes. They are designed to be listened to in convenient segments - 15 to 30 minute increments allows your students to listen to the relevant lesson before they attend lecture. In the car, while eating lunch, or even walking to class.

Both products are available for Mac or PC, smartphones and tablets. The only technical requirement is that students open an Amazon account and install the Kindle reader app on whatever device they wish to use. For those students who don’t wish to install the Kindle reader app or don’t have a smartphone or tablet, Amazon’s Cloud Reader makes it easy to read online from any internet browser.


Reading and writing have been the primary tools of education and academia for thousands of years - and they will continue to be, no matter the technology. After all, It is the richness of human language that allows us to pass on our experiences, stories, and knowledge.

But research tells us that not all people learn best by reading. Many of us process information by listening. Some students may find reading difficult. For these students an audio book is the ideal solution.

Line-in Learning makes an audio version of all of our eBooks for those who want an audio supplement to the text. They are not meant to replace the eBooks, but rather to reinforce the text. However, all of our audio books are designed to stand alone and are recorded in a conversational style in convenient lengths of 15 to 30 minutes, that can be listened to during a commute, while exercising or doing chores.

Reinforcement is the key and audio books give your students another method of learning information in an enjoyable format that can be listened to repeatedly.


A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union, Part 1, is a college level introductory textbook for American Government, Political Science, and American History courses. Materials cover the history and philosophy of government and their influence on the Founding Fathers. It traces the development of the American Republican Democratic system of government from colonial times to today, and explains the components of the federal government. Topics include the founding, federalism, civil liberties and civil rights, Congress, the Presidency, federal bureaucracy, and the judiciary. Study question and answer guide, and several appendices are also included in order to reinforce the material and acquaint the student with primary sources. Hyperlinks are provided to the glossary, and footnotes.


The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers should be required reading for any college or high school AP Government, Political Science, or American History course. This collection of primary source material provides a forceful and reasoned justification for the adoption of the Constitution by the states. Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison skillfully make the case for a strong federal government. Editor, J. Tony Litherland furnishes the student with helpful explanation and commentary for those points that may need clarification for today's students. Study questions are also provided.