Empowering students to succeed


Mercury Academic was founded by an educational testing corporation that has been actively involved with education since 1981.  With over thirty years of experience contracting in 38 different states, we have the knowledge and dedication to meet the challenges in American education. 

Our mission is to provide students and professors with the best possible platform for learning.


Mercury Academic specializes in educational aids at the College level with an emphasis on cost reduction for the student, personalization of information for the professor and compatibility with E-readers and audio books that work on any computer, tablet or smart phone. We create options for a living text that can be updated based on test analytics. Professors can also choose any level of involvement in the text from just telling us what chapters they want, to writing and adding chapters of their own.

Every student deserves the best chance we can give them.

On the average commute to school, students can have a whole chapter read to them by a professional voice talent. That one extra touch on the curriculum will keep students from falling behind and help them recall what they have learned on test day. More students will have greater success when you give them more opportunities to learn.


And that’s not all. Coming soon, Line-in Learning will also have available flashcards.

At Mercury Academic we believe that we have refined the college textbook in a way that will benefit both the instructor and the student. 


At Mercury Academic we have re-invented content delivery to help more students succeed.